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The Artist

Lucinda Moran


I have been honored to be creating meaningful and unique handmade jewelry using silver, gold, precious stones, and words.  My signature pieces have the words "Protect this Woman"TM stamped on the backs.  
I grew up creating in the studios of my grandparents.  I have a BFA from Ohio University where I studied ceramics, fiber arts, and metals, as well as art history.
I love working with the earth elements of metal and stone.  I feel that I am part of a long and ancient tradition of fashioning objects in metal that carry spirit and power.  I've been stamping words on pieces since I started creating jewelry.  The reminder of words lends meaning and depth, creating a bond of good wishes and love for ones self or when given as a gift.
My work is the product of a journey of allowing designs that bring joy to my mind and heart come through me.
My wish is to create wearable art of adornment and joy.
Thank you to all the wonderful people I've met along the way!


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